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Someday is Today

26 Jan

Welcome to…Someday…which happens to be today, the first day and first entry on my travel blog.

The (not so glamorous) story behind the name of my blog

I owe it to my sister.  We both lived in Boston during the early 2000’s, and we were on a food tour of the North End.  Yum!  Until I bit down on dried garbonzo bean from a dry foods store and broke off a piece of a tooth with a filling.  My wonderful childhood dentist had always said it would need a crown someday.  My sister turned to me and said “Welcome to Someday.”

Let me be briefly philosophical.   Someday feels magical to me because of all the hope and possibilities it holds within it, especially when that vision becomes reality.  I don’t believe life is all rainbows and unicorns, but it is especially moving to me when it is something positive becoming reality.

To me, travel is a great thing.  It is a proverbial “someday.”  Even the sometime hassles are all part of what brings you to those special destinations near and far and creates those moments that are yours for a lifetime.  For me, a few of those moments are seeing a polar bear mama and her two cubs on an ice floe in the high Norwegian Arctic, 15 glorious minutes of an orange watercolor sunset over the peak of Mt. Everest (and sharing it with one of my best friends), and eating snack mix on the Great Wall of China underneath a circular rainbow.   Ok, done being philosophical.

Why you should read (or not read) Welcome2Someday

Full disclosure: this is an adventure for me.  So I can’t tell you exactly what to expect.  I don’t travel constantly so it won’t be a new country every other week.  That said, I do have a backlog of great stories and pictures from years of kinda cool trips.  Some of my pics aren’t even digital.  Yup, I said it.  Plus, I’ve done this all while at various stages of a demanding full time career or grad school and a varying budget that was never close to unlimited.

I’m honest and a straight shooter by nature.  I love knowing, and sharing with a select group, the best kept secrets or just plain good advice to (hopefully) make your own travels a little easier and a little better.

So if you are game, let the journey begin…



P.S. Don’t forget to leave comments, share photos, and let the rest of us in on a few of your best kept secrets and “someday” moments!

Photo: Cabo San Lucas Sunrise 12/24/11 © W2S Hilary
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