Hi There!  My name is Hilary.  I have loved travel for as long as I can remember.  I traveled to my 7th continent (Antarctica) at age 31, and I swam in my 5th Ocean (the Arctic) in the summer of 2011.  I’ve always been working ahead of my own comfort curve so I can see places the way I want to see them-hiking, altitude and creature comforts (sometimes) be darned.  I’ll get up early to avoid crowds or see a spectacular sunrise, and I’m always seeking the best kept secret only the locals know.  I’m willing to pay for what I perceive to be good value, even if the absolute value is (on occasion) high.  But I don’t believe it necessarily has to be.

I’m West Coast raised, East Coast and Midwest educated, and I currently live in Denver, CO (and I love it!).  I’m a brand marketer by trade (and I love that too!).

In this blog, I’ll be aiming to blend stories from my own adventures with practical tips.  And if I see some cool or interesting tidbit that I just find of interest, I’ll share that too.  Full disclosure, this in a new adventure for me…but one that I hope you’ll choose to share with me.

Let’s be each other’s best kept secret!



Your thoughts welcome and appreciated

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